Privacy Policy

Art Token Inc. ("Art Token”, “Company”, "we", or "us") is dedicated to safeguarding your privacy. We have formulated this Privacy Policy to explain to you our policies regarding the Personal Information (as defined below) we gather, the reasons why we collect it, and how we use and divulge it.

We hold your privacy in high regard and request that you take the necessary time to acquaint yourself with our policies and practices. Please acknowledge that we hold the authority to amend any of our policies and practices at any given time.

Article 1 (Purpose of Personal Information Processing)

  • The Company will process personal information for the explicit purposes listed below. The personal information obtained shall not be used for any other purposes outside of the ones stated below. If there are any modifications or changes to the intended usage of this information, necessary measures will be undertaken in accordance with relevant laws. This may include acquiring separate consent from the individuals affected.
    1. Membership Registration and Management
      • Personal information will be processed for the purpose of verifying membership sign-up, personal identification, and authentication for membership services, membership retention, and management, as well as to prevent any unfair use of services.
    2. Provision of Goods or Services
      • Personal information will be processed for the delivery of goods, provision of services, dispatch of contracts, invoices, provision of customized services, content, personal authentication, age verification, payment, settlement, or collection, among others.
    3. Complaint Handling
      • Personal information will be processed for the purpose of personal identification of the complainant, confirmation of complaints, contact or notification for fact-finding, and notification of processing results.
    4. Marketing and Advertising Purposes
      • The information will be processed for the delivery of advertisement information, such as events, log-in frequency checks, statistics on membership service usage, among others.

Article 2 (Personal Information Processing and Retention Periods)

  1. The Company shall process and retain the personal information within the period to retain or use the personal information subject to the statutes, or within the period to retain or use the personal information based on the consent provided at the time of collecting the personal information.

  2. The personal information processing and retention periods for each item are as follows:

    • Homepage membership sign-up and management: within the period to use and retain the information under the consent

    • Provided, that, in case the situation falls under each of the following cases, it shall be extended until the relevant situation is resolved:

      1. In case investigation or survey on violation of relevant statutes is underway, until such investigation or survey is completed; or

      2. In case claim and obligation relationship remains due to use of homepage, until the relevant relationship is settled.

  3. Provision of goods or service: until goods or service is completely provided, and payment or settlement is completed

Provided, that, in case the situation falls under each of the following cases, it shall be extended until the relevant period is terminated:

  1. Records on transactions such as marks, advertisement, contract details, execution, etc. in accordance with the “Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.”
    • Records on marks and advertisement: 6 months
    • Records on withdrawal of contracts or subscription, payment, supply of goods, etc.: 5 years
    • Records on resolution of consumer complaints or disputes: 3 years
  2. Preservation of communication confirmation data in accordance with Article 41 of the “Enforcement Decree of the Protection of Communication Secrets Act”
    • The date of telecommunications by subscribers, the time that the telecommunications commence and end, the subscriber’s number of the other party, the frequency of use, and the data on tracing a location of information communications apparatus: 1 year
    • Computer communications or internet log records, and the data on tracing a location of connectors: 3 months

Article 3 (Items of Personal Information Subject to Processing)

  • We collect the following categories of information from you:
  • The company processes the following personal information items:
    • Identification Information: We collect your name, email address, digital wallet address, and any other information you provide to us directly through the Services.
    • Communication Information: We may collect information about your questions or concerns and your voluntary responses to questionnaires, surveys, or requests for market research.
    • Commercial Information: We may maintain a record of the Digital Artwork or Art Content you browse, sell, and/or purchase using the Service.
    • Social Media Information: We have a social media presence on various platforms, including Instagram and Twitter. When you interact with us on social media, we may receive personal information that you provide or make available to us based on your settings, such as your profile information. Additionally, we collect any social media profile information you provide to us directly.
    • Internet Activity Information: when you use and interact with our Service. By using our Service, you are consenting to our collection of this information:
    • Device Information: We automatically log certain information about your device, including the manufacturer and model, operating system, browser type, IP address, and unique identifiers. The specific information we collect may differ based on the type of device you are using and its settings.
    • Usage Information: 2R2 collects information about how you use our Service, such as which types of content you view or interact with, the features you use, the actions you take, and the frequency, duration, and time of your activities. We use Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google LLC (“Google”), to collect and analyze Usage Information.
    • Location Information: We may derive a rough estimate of your location from your IP address when you visit the Site.
    • Email Open/Click Information: In our email campaigns, we may use other technology that allows us to collect your email and IP address, as well as the date and time you open an email or click on any links in emails.
  • We may utilize the technologies mentioned below to obtain Internet Activity Information:
    • Cookies: which are text files saved on your device to distinguish your browser or to store information or settings in the browser that aid in seamless navigation between pages, recall your preferences, enable functionality, help us comprehend user activity and behavior, and facilitate online advertising.
    • Local storage technologies: such as HTML5, that provide comparable functionality to cookies but can store more significant quantities of data, including on your device outside of your browser in connection with specific applications.
    • Web beacons: also known as pixel tags or clear GIFs, which are employed to indicate that a webpage or email was accessed or opened, or that particular content was viewed or clicked.
  • We reserve the right to gather Personal Information from third parties, such as our affiliates and service providers.
    • Identification Information: This may include your name, email address, phone number, and postal address.
    • Transaction Information: This may consist of public blockchain data (bitcoin, ether, and other Digital Assets is not fully anonymous. We and other parties who can link your public Digital Asset address to other Personal Information about you may be capable of identifying you through a blockchain transaction because, in some cases, Personal Information released on a blockchain (for example, your Digital Asset address and IP address) can be compared with Personal Information that we and others may possess. Additionally, it may be possible to obtain other Personal Information about you by using data analysis techniques on a given blockchain);
    • Financial Information: This may include your bank account details, routing number, credit card number, and debit card number.
    • Additional Information: at our discretion to comply with legal obligations.
    • Please note that we may disclose your personal information to our affiliates, service providers, or business partners, as required or allowed by law, and to enforce our Terms and Conditions. We may also disclose your personal information in response to legal processes, such as subpoenas or court orders, or to protect the rights, property, or safety of our company, our customers, or third parties.

Article 4 (Share of Personal Information to external parties)

  • We shall not disclose your Personal Information to third parties, except as detailed below:
    • Your Personal Information may be shared with third-party service providers for business or commercial objectives, which may include fraud identification and prevention, security threat detection, payment processing, customer support, data analytics, Information Technology, advertising and marketing, network infrastructure, storage, and transaction monitoring. We only share your Personal Information with these service providers so that they can provide us with the said services, and we forbid our service providers from using or exposing your Personal Information for any other purpose.
    • In the regular course of business and providing our Services to you, we reserve the right to share your Personal Information with our affiliates.
    • We reserve the right to reveal Personal Information in circumstances of a suggested or executed merger, acquisition, reorganization, sale of assets, or comparable corporate transaction, or in the occurrence of insolvency or termination.
    • We may be obligated to disclose your Personal Information to law enforcement, government officials, and regulators.
    • We reserve the right to disclose your Personal Information to our professional advisors, such as our legal, accounting, or other consulting services, for audit purposes or to fulfill our legal responsibilities.
    • We reserve the right to share your Personal Information with your explicit consent.

Article 5 (Destruction of Personal Information)

  • In case personal information is not required any longer for reasons such as expiration of personal information retention period, fulfillment of processing purpose, the relevant information shall be destroyed without delay.
  • Notwithstanding the situation where the retention period of personal information with consent by the information subject expires or processing purpose is fulfilled, in case the personal information still needs to be kept pursuant to other relevant statutes, such information shall be kept by transferring it to other database or in a different retention place.
  • As for NFT transactions, only the reference value, instead of personal information, will be stored in blockchain, and the personal information, stored in off chain, will be deleted and destroyed.
  • Procedure and method of personal information destruction shall be as follows:
    • Destruction procedure
      • The Company shall select the personal information that falls under the items subject to destruction, and based on approval of the privacy officer, such information shall be destroyed.
      • Destruction method The Company shall destroy the personal information, which is recorded and stored in electronic file format, by using the method such as low-level format not to allow any playback of such records. The information recorded or stored in paper shall be destroyed by shredding or incineration.

Article 6 (Data Security)

  • Although we strive to safeguard both 2R2 and your Personal Information against unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction, no security measures can guarantee complete protection. The Internet is an insecure medium, and we are unable to provide absolute security. Our efforts include encrypting communications via SSL on the 2R2 website, regularly scrutinizing our Personal Information collection, storage, and processing methods, and restricting access to your Personal Information to our employees, contractors, and agents on a need-to-know basis, who are bound by strict contractual confidentiality agreements, and may be disciplined or terminated for failing to meet these obligations. Nevertheless, there is no guarantee that any security measure is infallible, and you assume any risks associated with using of the Service.

Article 7 (Cookies)

  • In order to offer tailored and personalized services to users, the Company will utilize cookies that store data on frequently accessed information on the user's computer or other devices utilized to visit 2R2. These Cookies are used to help us identify you as a customer, gather information about your usage of 2R2 to optimize our services and content specifically for you, and gather data about your computer or other access devices to: (i) Conduct regular monitoring to detect any unusual, suspicious, or possibly deceitful activities that may pose a threat to your account security. (ii) Evaluate and upgrade our services and advertising campaigns for improved functionality and better results.
  • Cookies are pieces of information sent by the server (http) used for website operation to user’s computer browser, and it may be stored in user’s computer hard disc.
    1. Purpose of Cookie use: to provide optimal information to users by understanding, regarding individual services and websites visited by users, type of visit or use, popular search words, use of secure access, etc.
    2. Installation and operation of cookies and refusal: Cookie save can be rejected by changing the option setting in the tools>internet options>personal information menu on top of the web browser.
    3. Kindly be advised that in the event that you refuse cookies, some or all features of 2R2 may not be accessible to you. If you do not agree to the installation of Cookies on your device, we request that you refrain from visiting, accessing, or using 2R2.

Article 8 (Children Information)

  • Our Service is not intended for children who are below 13 years of age. 2R2 has no intention to intentionally obtain personal information from children who are under the age of 13. If we discover that we have unintentionally obtained personal information from a child under the age of 13 without the consent of the child's parent or guardian as mandated by law, we will proceed to delete such information.

Article 9 (Direct Marketing)

  • In accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, we may periodically transmit promotional materials to you via direct marketing campaigns that showcase our services, products, facilities, or activities. We gather information from or about you for such purposes. If you wish to stop receiving such communications, you may opt out by adhering to the instructions presented in any of the marketing communications. It is our company policy not to disclose your Personal Information for the direct marketing goals of third parties unless we have your explicit permission to do so.

Article 10 (Withdrawal and Rights)

  • You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data provided that there are reasons for this arising from your particular situation or the objection is directed against direct mail. In the latter case, you possess a general right of objection, which we will adhere to without specifying any particular situation.
  • Additionally, you have the right to revoke your previously given consent to us at any time. Subsequently, we will cease processing your data based on that consent in the future. The legality of the processing based on the consent up until the revocation remains unaffected.

Article 11 (Storage time)

  • As a fundamental practice, we retain personal data solely for the duration required to meet contractual or legal obligations for which the data was gathered.
  • Notwithstanding the above, the Company may retain certain Personal Data for a longer period than necessary to comply with current and immediate needs, in line with accounting requirements, legal obligations, and legitimate interests.

Article 12 (Notice to Outside of Republic of Korea)

  • 2R2 is based in Republic of Korea law and governed by Republic of Korea law. If you are accessing our site from outside Republic of Korea law, please be aware that personal information collected through the site will be processed in Republic of Korea law. Data protection laws in Republic of Korea law are likely different from those of your country of residence. By submitting your personal information through our site, you acknowledge that your personal information will be processed in Republic of Korea law in accordance with this policy. Visitors residing outside South Korea may contact us at for more information about our data practices.

Article 13 (Change of Privacy Policies)

  • This Privacy Policy is valid from the date of its availability on the website and becomes effective as of May 2023. With the evolution of our site and the introduction of new offerings, or in light of modifications in government or regulatory mandates, it may become necessary to modify this privacy policy.

Article 14 (Contact Us)

  • If you have questions or concerns regarding this policy or our processing of your Personal Information, please feel free to email us at; or write to us at 4F Art Token Inc, 640, Bongeunsa-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea


This Privacy Policy shall come into effect from May 22, 2023