What is 2R2?
2R2 represents and inventive NFT Platform that connects creators and collectors in a unique and immersive way. It provides a platform for artists to showcase and sell their digital artworks as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) while allowing collectors to discover and acquire exclusive pieces.
Could you explain how 2R2 operates?
At 2R2, artists have the opportunity to mint their digital artwork into NFTs and list them for sale. Collectors can browse the 2R2, explore various collections, and purchase the NFTs that appeal to them. The platform also features an in-depth interaction feature called “2R2 Point (a.k.a RP)", which represents the voice of the artist and allows for deeper connections between creators and collectors.
How can I create an account on 2R2?
To create an account on 2R2, simply connect your wallet in the right corner of our website. You can verify your account by e-mail confirmation to gain early access to our latest news.
How can I purchase NFTs on 2R2?
To buy NFTs on 2R2, browse the platform - 2R2 to discover the artworks that capture your interest. Each artwork will have unique listing that includes information such as its price and description. If an artwork catches your eye, simply follow the given steps to complete the transaction securely.
How can I sell my artwork on 2R2?
If you wish to sell your artwork on 2R2, you need to register your artwork. Once registered, you can navigate to the selling section of the platform and follow the guidance to mint and list your digital artwork as an NFT. You’re free to set your own price, choose the suitable collection and provide relevant details to catch the eye of potential buyers.
What fees are involved when buying or selling NFTs on 2R2?
2R2 charges a transaction fee for each NFT sale, which is a percentage of the total sale value. You can find detailed fee structure within out terms and conditions. We strongly recommend understanding the fee structure before initiating any buying or selling activities.
How does the 2R2 Point system work on 2R2?
Point system on 2R2 is a unique feature that enables deep interaction between creators and collectors. It represents the voice of the artist and allows for meaningful communication and expression. Through the 2R2 Point system, artists can share their thoughts, inspirations, and the narratives behind their artworks, encouraging a deeper understanding and bond between artists and collectors.
Is there a process to verify artists on 2R2?
Yes, there is a verification process for artists on 2R2. We value authenticity and aim to foster a trusted environment within our community. Artists can apply for certification by submitting relevant documentation or portfolio samples for review. Once approved verified artists receive a special badge that increases their trustworthiness on the platform.
How can I verify the authenticity of the NFTs I purchase on 2R2?
2R2 places high importance on the authenticity of NFTs listed in our platform. We employ multiple safeguards, including verification processes for artists and validation of NFT metadata, to uphold the authenticity of the artworks. Additionally, each NFT transaction on 2R2 is recorded on the blockchain, providing transparent and immutable proof of ownership.
What if I face technical issues on the platform?
If you come across any technical issues while using the 2R2 platform, please feel free to contact our support team at support@2r2.io. Our dedicated team will promptly assist in resolving any technical problems you might encounter.
How does 2R2 protect user data?
2R2 values the privacy and security of user data. We implement robust security measures and follow best practices to protect user information. We adhere to strict data protection guidelines and only collect necessary information for platform functionality and user experience. For more details, please refer to our privacy policy
Can I connect my own digital wallet to 2R2?
Yes, 2R2 allows users to connect their own digital wallets to the platform. By connecting your digital wallet, you can securely manage your NFTs, initiate transactions, and track your portfolio directly through your preferred wallet provider.
Are there any restrictions on the type of artwork that can be listed on 2R2?
While we strive to offer a diverse range of artwork on 2R2, we do have guidelines and restrictions in place to ensure compliance with legal and ethical standards. Artworks that violate our guidelines, including those infringing upon intellectual property rights or containing explicit or offensive content, may not be permitted on the platform. We encourage artists to review 2R2 Trusted Policies before listing their artworks.