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What is 2R2?expand_more
2R2 is an ART NFT MARKETPLACE that aims at WEB. We create a new art ecosystem with unprecedented transparency and tokenomics using 2R2's unique “VOTE” Token.
What is a non-fungible token (NFT)?expand_more
NFT is a virtual token that proves the owner of a digital asset using blockchain technology. It works like a certificate to indicate the originality and ownership of digital files or assets (such as paintings and videos) by endowing passwords that cannot be forged or reproduced. It is a virtual certificate for authentication.
What is Minting?expand_more
Using the word 'mint', which means to issue money, it is a term that refers to issuing cryptocurrency on the blockchain. It is a widely used method to post NFTs on the blockchain. If you are an artist, mint your works on 2R2, and if you receive votes from our ecosystem, you can earn “VOTE” Token Reward. With VOTE TOKEN, you can earn a respectful reward from your patrons.
What is Transaction?expand_more
Transaction refers to every interaction, such as creation, transaction, and transmission, of digital assets including NFT. For every transaction, a fee called Gas Fee incurs. Gas fees can change at any given times or situations, so we recommend that you make transactions at a time that is favorable to you. Gas fee giveaway events, such as those for minting support to new artists, will be held on 2R2 frequently.
What is Personal Contract?expand_more
2R2 supports all works with personal contract system that do not exist on other platforms. With more technically stable and scalable contracts, you can create your very own unique name on your blockchain and mint freely. For you to enjoy technology that needs true art, 2R2 will always lead with the technology for true art.