Get RP and cast your
Vote on NFTs

  • Get ready for an exciting reward experience with 2R2! Our platform aims to delight users by offering 2R2 Points (RP) based on their engagement and activity within the platform.
  • In an upcoming version of the Reward Protocol, you will have the opportunity to trade RP for tokens, unlocking even more possibilities.
  • Use your RP to cast votes for your favorite ARTWORKS. If the artwork you choose is sold, you'll earn bonus RP as a reward for your selection.
  • Each month, the total amount of RP is replenished, providing fresh opportunities for users to earn and allocate RP. Once the monthly RP allocation has been fully utilized, users can join the next month’s reward collections 🎁
  • πŸ’« Engage, Earn, and Experience the Rewards of 2R2 Points!